Vanessa Kurz

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… and a bit of praise

If you’re looking for innovative content marketing, then Vanessa is always up to date with the recent trends. She has a unique style and truly genious ideas. On Amazon I would rate her at 5 stars.

Carsten Dierks


Working with Vanessa is always highly professional. Sie has a gift for organizational tasks and is always sure to leave her clients 100% happy. As a colleague, I have always appreciated her very much. With concentrated competence and enthusiasm, she is a valuable asset to any team.

Lisa Großmann

Homepage-Lieferanten UG

Vanessa Kurz hat uns mit viel Erfahrung und Gespür für unser Produkt durch den Entstehungsprozess begleitet – kreativ, flexibel, zuverlässig. Wir sind fachlich wie menschlich begeistert!

Nina Schaumann

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Frau Kurz überzeugte uns nicht nur mit ihrer perfekten Organisation und Terminplanung sondern auch mit einer hochwertigen Ausarbeitung von Vermarktungs-Feinkonzepte für diversen Endkunden.

Daniel Drexlmaier

Spurenelemente GmbH

It is a joy working with Vanessa. Her communication skills, attention to detail, and commitment to follow-through would make her an asset to any project team.

Cameryn Moore

Little Black Book Productions

On a personal as well as a professional level simply immaculate! Incredibly creative!

Kerstin Baumgart

AWO Bildungswerk Unterfranken e.V.

As long as karaoke isn’t part of the job description, Vanessa should be your first choice! Hardly ever has teamwork been as creative, entertaining and at the same time professional as it was with her.

Jeremiah Haas

Internetagentur Webfeinschliff

Vanessa is a passionate and competent Marketeer and complemented our team with her reliable work, her inventiveness and her pleasant manner.

Katharina Hoffmann

Lauterbach Kreativbetreuung

If you need a new website, with Vanessa you are in good hands: fast, creative, motivated and never complicated. She listens, is empathetic and gets what her clients are looking for. I enjoyed working with Vanessa and am happy to recommend her.

Kristin Eissfeldt

Eissfeldt Consulting

Always cheerful and motivated, could not have wished for more. Helpful, creative and masters every new challenge with skill. We have been working with Vanessa for 4 years now and are very proud to call her part of our team.

Richard Downs

Main Würfel Convention

In Mrs Kurz we have found a business partner who has managed to realise our wishes concering the new design of our homepage perfectly.

Michael Salm

MF Microfilter GmbH

I have found working with Vanessa to be very enriching. She picks up on ideas and implements them with her clients, ensuring outstanding results at the end of the process. I would hire her again any time.

Miriam Rauch


Her insightful way of thinking and eye for advancement showcased her leadership qualities and consistantly were a critical factor to the success of our company.

Daniel Werner

Internetagentur Webfeinschliff

We are very proud and happy to know that Vanessa is working for us. In school grades, she would get an A+ in almost every area. She is brilliant not only on a professional, but also in a personal level and a benefit to any company.

Matthias Schröder

Raven51 AG

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