Vanessa Kurz

I love brave elegant professional rational cheeky cute adventurous sincere fluffy funny simple cozy saucy marketing

… and these skills make it happen

Online Marketing

This is the foundation on which my work is built. Meaningful websites, viral social media campaigns, smart SEO und SEA, KPIs such as reaching the smallest possible CPCs and highest conversion rates, community management and branding strategies - that stuff's my jam.

Project Management

Who can do what, how do we get the best out of it, when will it be done? I have a real fetish for organisation. Forgotten tasks and cryptic briefings? Not in my watch! I make sure everybody knows what they're doing - and why.

Thinking things through

I do not do work just for the sake of it. Instead, I get invested and like to think out projects and planned measures fully, then sideways and backwards, including all possible scenarios. This way, I am often able to spot unused potentials and prepare for upcoming challenges ahead of time.


I work with state of the art software. Honestly, I am not sure what my life would be without Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Also, I have experience using a variety of project management tools as well as SEO and SEA software,


Explaining marketing gobbledygook to overwhelmed clients, consoling stresst colleagues, understanding stakeholder needs even before they realize them for themselves. In these moments, I am at my best.


I love to share knowledge - and have a talent to convey it to others. I have experience in developing and delivering trainings for students, workshops for clients, onboarding for new employees and much more.


Every since my teenage days, I have been working in media. Therefore, I am not just good at making plans, but also have the experience and skills to practically implement marketing measures: Journalistic, promotional, technical- and SEO-content, visual design of layouts, corporate designs or photomontage - I've done it before.


I love to travel, prefer the englisch language over my native tongue and flourish when I get to experience different cultures. Especially my oneyear spent in Scotland has taught me a great deal and broadened my horizon.


Focusing chaotic teams, creating motivation through shared purpose, distributing tasks fairly as well as realistically, recognizing and fostering skills, potentials and achievements - I like to take responsibility and leady the way.

Not quite sure yet? Not a problem.
I will gladly convince you in person.